Anthony Davidson

Purpose With Impact

team meeting

At Bligh Tanner’s Annual Summit, directors celebrated another important milestone for this great engineering practice – 21 talented new professionals joining the business in the last 12 months.

I’ve had the pleasure of being associated with Bligh Tanner for over 20 years now. Renowned for its design and innovation expertise, quality service and direct involvement of directors in projects, Bligh Tanner continues to be the benchmark for how professional service firms should operate. Its unique culture and work environment continues to attract the best talent, clients and projects. 

This year’s summit revisited the purpose of Bligh Tanner and focused on how to keep embedding it in everything that is done. We also agreed on the vision for the next five years and the strategic priorities and key initiatives to achieve it.

Bligh Tanner is an employer of choice for aspiring engineers who want to make a difference. We need more practices like Bligh Tanner who have a purpose that makes a real impact. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this success story.