Anthony Davidson

Lessons in Branding

women's network logo

If you haven’t seen it since it went viral, have a look at the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s attempt to brand its new Women’s Network. It doesn’t take a brand expert to work out what went wrong… as one person commented “what a cock up!”

The purpose of branding is to identify and differentiate. Brand elements such as names, symbols, colours, slogans, music etc. are used to communicate this. The rules are pretty straightforward: keep it simple and easy for consumers to recall, recognize and remember who the brand is and what it stands for. The goal is to build strong positive brand associations and minimize negative ones.  

This new brand for the Women’s Network certainly will be memorable… but for the wrong reasons. The challenge for the brand experts will be to act quickly before more damage is done.  

Post script: This new brand was removed from circulation within a week of this post. Not surprised but what a waste of time and money.

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