Anthony Davidson

Brand and Customer Experience

Unless you properly translate brand strategy into customer experience initiatives, you’ll waste time and effort with little to show for your investments.

Although customer experience has been a top priority since 2015, the reality is that many businesses are still early stage in their understanding of what is required.  

Here’s the challenge. Customers are different. Customers needs and preferences change. Customers have different journeys. And customers experience things differently. So how do you manage this as a business. Some customer touch points you control. Others are owned by partners who you can influence. Others you don’t control and cannot influence.

Where do you start? Think of customer experience as the translation of your brand strategy into a series of interactions that build awareness, preference and loyalty towards your brand. 

Your brand essence provides the starting point for how you engage customers and cocreate meaning about your brand. But given customers are different and take different journeys, you have to be flexible and agile in how you manage touch points owned by you and your partners. 

Having dedicated resources to manage different journey stages enables customization and personalization, especially if it is technology or AI enabled.

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