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Successful Business Owners are Resilient

What happens when you blindfold 16 business owners and ask them to work in teams to assemble a tent within 3 minutes? At this week’s Australian Owner Manager Program, we found that successful business owners can be a resilient bunch.   Most teams easily completed the blindfolded task because they’re experienced in responding to challenges and know how to best contribute to a team’s performance – even if it’s a newly formed team. Earlier in the day, business owners revealed key obstacles facing their business in panel sessions with other owners and business experts. A common theme emerging from discussion was that no matter how frustrating business can be, owners are committed to finding solutions to difficult problems. This resilience is something that has been developed over time. Resilience is often associated with personality traits but recent research shows that it’s a learned skill – the mental strength to adapt to hardships and cope with setbacks. And it fluctuates based on how you respond to different circumstances over time. For business owners, it’s essential to have. #leadership #resilience #businessowner

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