Anthony Davidson

Make the Most of Martech

Choosing the right marketing technology for your business can be overwhelming with over 8000 martech solutions on offer. But the benefits are huge if you can streamline and automate marketing and sales processes. 

Fortunately major vendors in this space are creating platforms that make it easier to plug in other specialized and custom apps. So decisions about which software to incorporate into your martech stack really revolve around ease of use, functionality, cost and integration.

Scott Brinker has identified 5 trends in marketing technology for this decade that present exciting opportunities: 

  1. No Code tools that enable businesses to build their own websites, apps, workflows, chatbots, and voice assistants, as well as workflows, data analysis and machine learning; 
  2. Platforms, Networks and Marketplaces that allow businesses to centralize and decentralize their marketing operations; 
  3. The Great App Explosion which provides businesses with an array of new specialist and custom apps; 
  4. From Big Data to Big Ops where businesses can leverage apps and automation to take advantage of big data
  5. Harmonising Human and Machine so that marketers are freed up to do more valuable work 

If you have 20 minutes to watch his video, it’s worth it. Understanding how the martech space is evolving is critical to making strategic decisions about your current and future marketing technology stack.

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