Anthony Davidson

Giving Memorable Presentations


If you’re one of many presentations, how do you engage the audience and make it memorable? Start strong, show your passion, make the story relatable, keep it simple, and use your voice and eye contact to connect.

This week my MBA class delivered eight back-to-back presentations over three hours. Each team had ten minutes to present their campaign dashboard, analysis and recommendations, followed by 5 minutes Q&A. Each team focused on a recent campaign undertaken by an organisation of their choice and critically evaluated the effectiveness of the campaign. As part of the analysis, key campaign metrics were identified and a campaign dashboard created to demonstrate how campaigns should be monitored.

What were some key learnings from this exercise?

  1. Context is everything – engage the audience by making the context of the campaign relevant and interesting 
  2. Quality, not quantity – the ease with which an audience can understand information and gain insights is all important
  3. Dashboards are powerful but only if they make sense – explain the power and relationships between different metrics 
  4. Questions are a blessing – take advantage of audience interest to encourage discussion and reinforce key points 
  5. Don’t fluff – be confident and convincing because you know your content 

Congratulations to all teams on a great effort.

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