Anthony Davidson

Spin or Engagement

clive palmer

Australia’s Federal Election on May 21 revealed some great lessons in marketing, especially the merits of spin versus engagement. 

Three lessons are worth noting: 

  1. Don’t take your customers (voters) for granted and use spin or false claims to manipulate them – eventually you’ll be caught out and they’ll turn.
  2. Properly address the concerns/issues that customer segments (different constituents) face and offer a real alternative through the way you engage them.
  3. Invest your campaign money wisely and you’ll get a better than expected result.

The success of the Independents and Greens demonstrates the effects of good marketing and engagement with well-directed spend.

In contrast, the UAP only increased its national vote by 1.4% on a $100 million plus spend and lost the seat of “our next PM” Craig Kelly, showing the folly of spin, misinformation and poor marketing practices. 

I’m not going to miss those annoying ads and invasive text messages!

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