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Pitch Your Business

If you think pitches are just for startups, think again. This week I worked with 16 business owners to pitch their business to other owners. Pitching is a skill that business owners need to have, regardless of how successful you are. Sometimes you need it for networking. Other times, you need it to attract important customers, partners or talent. Regardless, you have to be able to engage your audience in an authentic, personalized and memorable way.   This involves being clear about what you want to say and how to say it. What are the key messages you are trying to communicate? How do you want the audience to respond? What is best way to deliver these messages so they resonate with the audience? A good pitch gets people’s attention right from the start, keeps them engaged, and has a strong finish or conclusion that leaves an impact. Story telling can be a powerful technique for achieving this, especially if you have an interesting story to tell. Humour can also be effective if used appropriately. Remember, the goal is to stand out and be remembered for the right things. Many people are uncomfortable pitching because it’s a learned skill that requires practice. Practising your elevator pitch to different audiences builds confidence and improves your overall communication skills as a business owner and leader. #omp #pitch #storytelling

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