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Sustainability is back on the agenda at a political and corporate level. But how serious is the commitment from leaders this time round? Will a potential recession impact their resolve as we experienced with the GFC? Or will consumer pressure remain strong. Much has been written about sustainability and the role of business over the last 50 years. And while progress has been made by some businesses to adopt or fully embrace sustainable practices, “greenwash” and “carbonwash” is more commonplace.  It is now widely acknowledged that to make meaningful progress toward sustainability, radical solutions are needed that promote and encourage sustainable business practices. Sustainable business model innovation is exciting and disruptive. Like any opportunity, the potential rewards carry risk and it requires the right mind-set, resources, technologies and methods to be successful. It also requires reshaping of customer behaviour through better awareness, education and engagement.  Many examples of sustainable business models exist, including circular business models that close resource loops, social enterprises that focus on social impact, bottom of the pyramid solutions for the most disadvantaged, and product-service systems that transform customer outcomes. The challenge for businesses is to take the first step and build a new business case for sustainability. #strategy #sustainability #businessmodel #innovation

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