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Customer Experience

Focus customer experience initiatives

While customer experience remains a top business priority, many CX initiatives continue to fail because of poor design and process. MBA students had the opportunity to learn and experience the Human-Centered Design approach to CX with expert Bartley Hassell from 3RD View Consulting. Bart was kind enough to share the methodologies developed by 3rd View to help organisations focus CX initiatives to ensure that problems are properly defined, projects have full buy-in and endorsement of leaders, and stakeholders are effectively engaged. At the heart of these methodologies is a commitment to understand complex human systems and find solutions that improve the human experience – whether it is from a customer or employee perspective. Many CX initiatives fail because they are too broad or too focused on quick fixes. Taking the time to properly understand and define the real problem to be addressed is the starting point. Ideation can then be used explore a range of possible solutions for prototyping and testing to determine the optimal solution for enhancing customer experience. So design is critical but so is process. As we found out through a live demo facilitated by Bart, customer journey mapping can be a powerful tool for understanding and learning, as well as disrupting. Thanks for a memorable experience Bart. Great session! #CX #HCD #3RDVIEW

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