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Make an impact with marketing

One of the challenges facing marketers is deciding where and how to make a difference. CMO Chris Jacko spoke to us about his experience in marketing roles and the importance of focusing marketing efforts to make an impact with limited resources. This involves tradeoffs – hard decisions about which customers to serve (and not to serve), which products to prioritise (and not prioritise), which data and analytics to focus on (and not focus on), and which marketing technology to leverage now (and in the future). Although marketing spend is often considerably higher than other functional areas, expectations are also higher about the impact that marketing should have on business performance. On one hand, this requires marketing leaders to educate stakeholders about the role and contribution of marketing. But in the end, it is about credibility, transparency and accountability – demonstrating the return on investments in brand building, lead generation and customer engagement. Thanks Chris for your insights and practical advice today. Much appreciated. #marketing #effectiveness

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