Anthony Davidson

Developing Digital Marketing Capability


How does a local business become a world leader? Choose a niche to own, be the best at it, and put in place a global digital marketing system to make it happen. Big thanks to Martin Van Der Linde for sharing the story of Noja Power.

Brisbane-based Noja Power is a world leader in Medium Voltage Electrical Equipment, with a global footprint across 104 countries. Unless you’re an electrical engineer, you’ve probably never heard of them. But their products are everywhere – typically at the top of your street’s electricity power pole.

As GM Marketing, Martin has been responsible for developing a global digital marketing system to generate the sales leads and referrals needed to achieve the company’s growth objectives and revenue targets. Through the clever use of marketing technology, he is able to manage inbound and outbound marketing activities on a global scale. 

Inbound marketing activities focus on providing potential customers with information and education at each stage of their search and evaluation process. Once potential customers show purchase intent, qualified leads are passed to the sales team to begin the sales process. Outbound marketing is largely confined to tender platforms and sales-initiated prospecting with existing clients. 

How effective has it been? By switching the emphasis from outbound marketing (finding prospective customers and chasing them) to inbound marketing (customers search for a need and find us), Noja Power has been able to optimize its return on investment in marketing and create a more automated marketing system that can support company growth. Integral to this has been the close working relationship between marketing and sales who have shared responsibility for achieving revenue targets. 

Thanks again Martin for sharing the Noja Power story.

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