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Marketing & Sales

Strategy versus marketing

What’s the difference between strategy and marketing? Often it seems like we’re addressing the same questions or decisions – where to play, how to win, and what is required to succeed – but there’s a bit more to it.   UQ MBA Alum Chris Gaffee posed the question as he discussed his journey from learning marketing in his MBA, applying this knowledge to his first startup, and then becoming a strategist at Monitor Deloitte. Marketing provided Chris with the ability to understand opportunities from a customer perspective and then develop go-to-market strategies for his product innovation. Through this startup, he learned first hand the challenges early stage businesses face when market conditions rapidly change as a result of a pandemic. And the strategic choices that need to be considered when deciding whether it is viable to continue. Ultimately, this experience influenced Chris to embark on a career in strategy consulting and to help clients solve complex problems around business growth. So what is the difference between strategy and marketing? Strategy is primarily concerned with the direction, goals and priorities for a business – decisions about why we are in business, what we are trying to achieve, and how we can do it. Marketing is primarily concerned with the way that value is created with customers, employees, partners and other key stakeholders – decisions about who we serve, what we offer, and how we engage. Thanks for sharing your journey and experience Chris. #strategy #marketing #valuecreation

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Optimise marketing and sales

How do you strengthen the relationship and alignment between marketing and sales? Enable both areas to invest in helping each other succeed. Martin van der Linde has seen first-hand how dramatic the results can be. Martin kindly gave another presentation to my MBA students this week on digital marketing practice. As GM Marketing at Noja Power, Martin works closely with his Sales counterpart to optimize the marketing and sales process for this world leader in Medium Voltage Electrical Equipment. Integral to their rapid growth and success – doubling the size of their global business within 5 years – has been the commitment of the marketing team to generate qualified sales prospects using inbound marketing and the focus of the sales team in responding, developing and converting prospects. But there’s more to the story. The sales team plays a critical role in educating and assisting the marketing team to better understand the technical needs of different customers and the type of content that will resonate and attract customers to the Noja Power brand. This enables the marketing team to make the brand visible and relevant to prospects during their search and evaluation process. Using marketing technology to monitor interactions, better qualified leads that demonstrate intent can be generated for sales follow up, optimising sales effort and sales conversion. The marketing team also has a vested interest in understanding the effectiveness of the sales process, and how to contribute to improving it through better quality information about prospects. Thanks again Martin for sharing these practical insights about how to optimize marketing and sales performance. #digital #marketing #sales

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